Ski rental: your #1 choice for skis

We select the best ski equipment according to your level of competence. Choose from an extensive range of skis, mini-skis and snowboards. If one of the models is unavailable, we will offer you a similar model at the same price.
Rent skis  Atomic Cool Minx

Atomic Cool Minx

Rent skis  Salomon X-Drive Focus

Salomon X-Drive Focus

Rent skis  Rossignol Sprayer

Rossignol Sprayer

Rent mini-skis  Salomon Crossmax 120

Mini skis Salomon Crossmax 120

Louez les surf Burton LTR

Burton LTR

Rent skis  Rossignol Temptation 80

Rossignol Temptation 80

Rent skis  Head Absolut Joy SLR

Head Absolut Joy SLR

Rent skis  K2 Luv It

K2 Luv It

Rent skis  Salomon Cira

Salomon Cira

Rent skis  Atomic Cloud 8

Atomic Cloud 8

Rent skis  Dynastar Glory 79

Dynastar Glory 79

Rent skis  Dynastar Powertrack 79

Dynastar Powertrack 79

Rent skis  Fischer Motive 80 XTR

Fischer Motive 80 XTR

Rent skis  Rossignol Experience 80

Rossignol Experience 80

Rent skis  Rossignol Pursuit 300

Rossignol Pursuit 300

Rent skis  Salomon X-drive 8.0 BT

Salomon X-drive 8.0 BT

Rent skis  Nordica Fire Arrow 76 X

Nordica Fire Arrow 76 X

Rent skis  Rossignol Smash 7

Rossignol Smash 7

Rent skis  Atomic Vantage 83

Atomic Vantage 83

Rent skis  K2 Press

K2 Press

Rent surfs  Burton Progression

Burton Progression

Rent skis  Rossignol Temptation Style

Rossignol Temptation Style

Rent skis  Dynastar Exclusive Elite 11

Dynastar Exclusive Elite 11

Rent skis  K2 Beluved 78 Ti

K2 Beluved 78 Ti

Rent skis  Atomic Cloud Eleven

Atomic Cloud Eleven

Rent skis  Head i.Supershape Magnum

Head i.Supershape Magnum

Rent skis  Rossignol Experience 84 TPX

Rossignol Experience 84 TPX

Rent skis  Rossignol Hero ST

Rossignol Hero ST

Rent skis  Rossignol Hero LT

Rossignol Hero LT

Rent skis  Salomon X-drive 8.3

Salomon X-drive 8.3

Rent skis  Salomon X-max

Salomon X-max

Rent skis  Head I. GSR

Head I. GSR

Rent skis  K2 Ikonic 80

K2 Ikonic 80

Rent skis  Atomic Vantage 90

Atomic Vantage 90

Rent skis  Salomon Q98

Salomon Q98

Rent skis  Dynastar Cham 2.0 97

Dynastar Cham 2.0 97

Rent surfs  Burton Process Flying V Experience

Burton Process Flying V Experience

Rent skis  Lacroix Pearl

Lacroix Pearl

Rent skis  Kastle LX 72

Kastle LX 72

Rent skis  Head Chip Prestige7

Head Chip Prestige

Rent skis  Kastle MX 83

Kastle MX 83

Rent skis  Lacroix Mach Carbon

Lacroix Mach Carbon

Rent skis  Volant Pulse White

Volant Pulse White

Rent skis  Volant Pulse Colorado

Volant Pulse Colorado

Rent skis  Kastle FX85

Kastle FX8

Rent skis  dynastar-speed-20ème-anniversaire

Dynastar Speed 20ème anniversaire

Rent skis  Dynastar Mythic

Dynastar Mythic

Rent skis  Atomic Redster Doubledeck XT

Atomic Redster Doubledeck XT

Rent skis  Bogner Vision TR

Bogner Vision TR

Rent skis  Indigo ACR

Indigo ACR

Rent skis  Rossignol Terrain Baby

Rossignol Terrain Baby

Rent skis  K2 Indy

K2 Indy

Rent skis  Rossignol Hero Junior Multi-Event

Rossignol Hero Junior Multi-Event

Rent skis  K2 Shreditor 75

K2 Shreditor 75

Rent skis  Dynastar Team Comp

Dynastar Team Comp

Rent skis  head-supershape-lr

Head Supershape LR

Rent skis  Burton LTR Jr

Burton LTR Jr

For hiking enthusiasts, we rent cross country skis and nordic skis. These rentals include the skis and bindings.

Also available: snow scoot rental

Bootfitting Isola 2000

Ski rental: accessories

Our shops offer the very best accessories to guarantee you a wonderful snow experience at Isola.

Adult & children’s clothing

Ski and surf protection

Masks & glasses

Ski & surf helmets

Hats & gloves

Socks & under garments

Sun products



Isola 2000

Not yet familiar with the ski station? Here are the main attractions!

Neige et soleil

Isola 2000 first opened in 1971. Its location was chosen strategically for its micro climate and its exposition, which enjoys maxiumum snow cover. During the winter of 2010/2011, Isola 2000 was the ski station with the most snowfall in France.


Isola 2000 is located 90km from nice. With major stations for winter sports in the southern Alps, Isola 2000 is the nearest ski resort to the Côte d’Azur. Seventeen kilometres of uphill hairpin turns separate the station from the village

Ski runs

  • Altitude : Min : 1800 m - Max : 2610 m
  • Number of runs: 42
  • Number of ski lifts: 19
  • Kms of alpine ski runs: 120
  • New slide installations: snowpark, half-pipe, boardercross and modules

Morisset Sports 1

Between the tabac and the pharmacy, in the heart of the isola 2000 shopping centre.
Le Tavels, 06420 Isola 2000
Tel: +33 4 93 23 12 77 / Location ski: +33 4 93 23 14 19

Morisset Sports 2

Opposite the Marmotte restaurant in the shopping centre
St Pierre, 06420 Isola 2000
Tel: +33 4 93 23 11 11

Morisset Sports 3

Le Hameau
Rond Point du Hameau , 06420 Isola 2000
Tel: +33 4 93 23 12 66